cropped-profile.jpg“I am a PRODUCT of my COMMUNITY focused on CHANGE in my COMMUNITY one learning experience at a time.

Who is Tywan Terrell?

I spent most of my life as a resident of Chicago Englewood community. I am father of two beautiful children, a boy Tywan Jr. and a girl Tazanna, a loving fiancee Natasha and last but not least, my second son Remi(my Lazy dog).  I am passionate about databases and the technologies supporting them. I am particularly intrigued by Big Data and Business Intelligence. When I am not reading tech articles or writing code, I enjoy spending time with my family and grilling outdoors. My hobbies include watching war movies, cooking and enjoying life( YOLO). I am developing an interest in RC Helicopters, this may be the next big thing for me.

What is my Background?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from DeVry University and a Master’s of Science from Robert Morris University. I spent the last 10 years working in various positions across the IT enterprise. I have worked in help-desk roles and now my primary work is focused on Microsoft SQL Server technology. I  have been working with SQL server for about 5 years and my last few roles where SQL Developer positions. Although, I have only had corporate jobs for the last 5 years I have been learning the technology since 2009.  I currently hold several Microsoft certification and I am working on completing the (MCSA) SQL Server 2012/2014 one exam completed two more to go.

Why Subscribe to this Blog?

The content on this site will appeal to any one interested in  learning about the collection and analysis of data. This blog will prove to be a valuable resource anyone that is learning SQL Server for the first time or a  seasoned professional. The site will cover topics on Query SQL Server, SQL Server Integration Services , SQL Server Reporting Services and also include topics on Business Intelligence.

The blog will grow to include articles, how to guides as well as aggregated resources from across the web. My goal with this blog is to give the beginners the support and help to grow and to keep the more advanced developers and DBA a source to keep their skills fresh.

Tywan, is a reliable source of information for learning and staying updated on SQL Server and the SQL Server Community.

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