Getting Started with Github Commits, Merging and Pull Request

GitHub is a web hosted collaboration and version control solution that is opened sourced. The main purpose of this tool is to allow for developer teams to collaborate on projects virtually.

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SQL Server Functions

SQL Server starting with 2012 ship with a robust set of functions that can be used to make code perform faster, with fewer lines of code. The functions can be used in ETL Process to provide better error handling. A example of this would be the Try_Parse function that allows you to check if a value can be converted.

Another example would be using the FIRST_VALUE() and LAST_VALUE() functions which work against a set of data. These functions are very useful when looking for things like month over month averages and when doing calculations. The table below contain a list of function that are supported starting with 2012 along with some examples of how to use them.

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Understanding T-SQL SELECT

One of the most fundamental aspects of working with SQL Server is querying data stored inside a database. To query data from a database you use the SQL SELECT statement. There are two important things to understand about the SELECT statement. The first is syntax, which are the rules and structure of the SQL statement that allows the statement to be sent to the database and have results returned. The second thing to understand is the “logical processing order” of select statements. The way the SQL Server engine processes select statements to retrieve data, is different from the order statement appears in the query. When you write syntactically correct SELECT statements in SQL Server Management Studio. Continue reading “Understanding T-SQL SELECT”

T-SQL Tuesday

t_sql_tuesday_logoAndy (@SQLBEK) posted the article T-SQL Tuesday 84: Growing New Speakers encouraging people interested in becoming a speaker to blog on a topic they would want to present on. This got me to thinking about a topic that would be ideal for me to get started on the road to becoming a speaker and contributor to the community overall.
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Are you ready to learn SQL Server?

Here’s how I got started…

I wanted to share some of the resources that I have used to learn to SQL Server over the years. I know that sometimes when we go to learn something new. Finding good resources can be overwhelming and time consuming  so I have decide to share a few resources I use.  I have been learning SQL Server since 2009 and have spent the last 5 years working on various database applications.  So, I have read a lot of articles and used a lot of free information to develop my skill sets.  These are some of the resources that I would recommend for anyone interested in learning SQL server. These resources are broken down into three categories. Continue reading “Are you ready to learn SQL Server?”