T-SQL Tuesday

t_sql_tuesday_logoAndy (@SQLBEK) posted the article T-SQL Tuesday 84: Growing New Speakers encouraging people interested in becoming a speaker to blog on a topic they would want to present on. This got me to thinking about a topic that would be ideal for me to get started on the road to becoming a speaker and contributor to the community overall.
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Are you ready to learn SQL Server?

Here’s how I got started…

I wanted to share some of the resources that I have used to learn to SQL Server over the years. I know that sometimes when we go to learn something new. Finding good resources can be overwhelming and time consuming  so I have decide to share a few resources I use.  I have been learning SQL Server since 2009 and have spent the last 5 years working on various database applications.  So, I have read a lot of articles and used a lot of free information to develop my skill sets.  These are some of the resources that I would recommend for anyone interested in learning SQL server. These resources are broken down into three categories. Continue reading “Are you ready to learn SQL Server?”